Professional In-Depth Training

Throughout your day as a professional, you or a member of your staff, may provide care, guidance, assistance and support to patients, caregivers, friends or family members of someone that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another memory impairment. provides comprehensive and extremely in-depth training and education to professionals, home health agencies, care management firms and other organizations based upon the unique needs of their business or practices. Our prices, as well as comprehensive course descriptions, are listed below and do not include shipping and handling.


21 Hour National Caregiver Training Program $2,495.00

Train caregivers with the National Caregiver Training Program Our highly-rated 21-hour National Caregiver Training Program features a well-organized, step-by-step curriculum that teaches essential care skills. You can use curriculum modules to train staff members and/or family caregivers and volunteers in your community. Textbooks, a series of DVDs and other support materials are part of the program package. The program received a 4-star rating from the National Alliance for Caregiving.

The National Caregiver Training Program includes:

• Administrator Manual
• Instructor Manual
• Support Materials Manual
• 11 Quick Tips for Caregivers textbooks
• 9 DVDs:
Safe Wheelchair Use
Infection Control
Personal Care
Caregiver Wellness
Vital Signs
Fire Safety
Fall Prevention

The program design incorporates Fundamentals of Adult Learning Theory. Learning modalities including lecture, demonstration, DVDs, hands-on training, group discussion, reading and writing.


Personal Care Attendant Training Program $6,495.00

Personal and home care aides and home health aides are the second and third fastest-growing occupations in the country according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Workforce centers, community colleges and home health agencies can provide comprehensive training to direct care workers with the Personal Care Attendant Training Program. The dynamic, interactive Personal Care Attendant Training Program gives you everything you need to train high-demand direct care workers in essential caregiving, communication and professional skills. The program provides 43 hours of high-quality classroom training for care providers of elders and people with disabilities.

The program is written at a 5th-grade literacy level. Designed according to principles of adult learning theory, the program utilizes a variety of learning modalities to maximize students’ understanding and retention of material.

The curriculum includes modules on:

•    Working as a personal care attendant

•    Introduction to home care

•    Ethical and legal behavior

•    Communication skills

•    Caring for the elderly and disabled

•    Observation, reporting and documentation

•    HIPAA in home care

•    Cultural competence

•    Infection control and bloodborne pathogens

•    Moving and positioning someone in bed

•    Active range of motion exercises

•    How to recognize and prevent pressure ulcers

•    Proper body mechanics for the caregiver and care recipient

•    Personal care (grooming, hygiene, etc)

•    Tub baths and showers

•    Vital signs/Oxygen therapy

•    Assisting with medications

•    Fall prevention

•    Fire safety

•    Safe wheelchair use

•    Nutrition

•    Urinary and fecal incontinence/Urinary catheters

•    Elder abuse and neglect

•    Reducing personal stress

•    Medical emergencies and emergency preparedness

•    Specific diseases, including early to mid and mid to late stage Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and aphasia, depression, Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury


Administrator Manual

Instructor Manual

Support Materials Manual containing:

•   Skills competency checklist

•   Key points and definitions

•   Testing packets

•   Certificate of completion

•   Program evaluation forms

•   Publicity flier, and more…

21 copies of Quick Tips for Caregivers textbook

21 copies of Quick Tips for Caregivers Workbook

21 copies of A Guide to Working as a Personal Care Attendant booklet

20 DVDs  – Topics include bedrest, wheelchair use, infection  control, medications, personal care, fire safety, fall prevention,  Alzheimer’s early to mid stage, Alzheimer’s mid to late stage,  aphasia, elder abuse, cultural competence, vital signs,  communication skills, observation, reporting and documentation, introduction to home care, ethical and legal behavior, nutrition and meal preparation, HIPAA, medical emergencies and emergency preparedness, CD-ROM presentation with audio for specific diseases.


Alzheimer’s Training Program $469.00

This comprehensive 4-hour course teaches a variety of tools and behaviors for communicating effectively with people who have Alzheimer’s. When home care professionals and primary caregivers understand more about the Alzheimer’s disease and how to communicate effectively, it makes it easier for them to relate to people who have Alzheimer’s. Improved communication naturally leads to a higher quality of life for the person with Alzheimer’s and makes the care providers job easier.

To assure optimum learning, the program utilizes adult learning theory, including modalities such as lecture, DVD instruction, discussion, and handouts.

The Alzheimer’s Training Program includes:

  • Curriculum with step-by-step instructor guidelines
  • 2 – 30-minute DVDs (rated 4 stars by the National Alliance for Caregiving)
  • A variety of support and resource materials
  • Testing option
  • A certificate of completion

Topics include:

  • What is Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The importance of early diagnosis
  • Warning signs
  • Financial and legal issues
  • Practical tips for effective communication
  • Safety
  • Activities
  • The importance of caregiver self-care


Aphasia Training Program $419.00

This 3-hour course teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers how to communicate with someone who has aphasia. It is designed for caregivers who are living or working with someone who has completed intensive post-stroke rehabilitation.

The Aphasia Training Program offers an opportunity to experience the barriers to communication caused by aphasia. The course examines the role that positive family involvement plays in recovery. It also teaches a variety of techniques that enhance communication with those who are living with aphasia.

The Aphasia Training Program includes:

  • A curriculum with complete instructor guidelines
  • A 24-minute DVD
  • Testing option
  • Support materials
  • Certificate of completion

Topics include:
Definition of stroke
Definition of aphasia
Exercises – Barriers to communication and
Improving communications
The role of speech-language pathologist
Effects of aphasia
Importance of family involvement
Communication methods
Communication techniques


Elder Abuse Training Program $419.00

The Elder Abuse Training Program is a 2-hour course that teaches home care professionals and primary caregivers about the complexities of elder abuse and neglect in the home setting.

Students learn through an interactive process that includes a variety of participatory exercises. This is an easy-to-implement training program that addresses an important national concern.

The Elder Abuse Training Program includes:

  • Curriculum with step-by-step instructor guidelines
  • A 29-minute DVD
  • Support materials
  • Testing option
  • Certificate of completion

Topics include:

  • Definition of elder abuse and neglect
  • The different types of abuse
  • The signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect
  • Contributing factors that lead to elder abuse
  • Prevention
  • How to report suspected abuse
  • The role of Adult Protective Services


We offer training in many more subject areas and invite you to call us to discuss your individual needs. Certain sessions can be presented in a One Hour Lunch & Learn format.

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